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· Former Prosecutor Working for YOU!

· Practice Primarily Limited to Criminal and Traffic Defense

·25+ years Experience

Welcome.  Chances are if you are here, you (or a friend or family member) have found yourself in a legal predicament involving a criminal and/or traffic matter.  You are looking for answers in unfamiliar territory and are looking for someone you can trust.

Throughout my past 20 years as a private attorney, I have specifically limited my practice to criminal and traffic defense work so that I am always aware of the most recent changes to the applicable laws in the State of Ohio.  This experience, along with being a former prosecutor and a former judicial law clerk, has enabled me to gain insight from all angles involved with your case.

This can be a very scary time.  Not knowing what can or will happen as a result of your case may cause substantial anxiety.  The vast majority of my clients are people who have never been in trouble with the law.  My mission in each case is to achieve the best possible result for each client.  I know that jobs, careers and/or families can be at risk, and I take my responsibilities to each client very seriously.

I will meet with you personally to discuss your case and the various options available to you as your case progresses.  I believe in being very forthright with my clients and pledge to treat you with respect.  I will give your case all necessary attention and keep you informed at every step.

Over the years, I have handled thousands of cases from minor misdemeanor traffic tickets, to clearance of driver's license suspensions, to OVI's, to domestic violence, to felony cases involving mandatory prison time.  Throughout this time, I have found that it is extremely important to have an attorney who is on your side at the beginning of your case.   Quick action may be necessary in order to protect your rights, locate witnesses, preserve evidence, and/or to view "the scene."  Many times, this diligence and attention to the details is what ultimately results in charges being dismissed or reduced to lesser offenses.

As your case moves forward, I will request and review with you the prosecutor's information including the officer's paperwork and any audio or video tapes.  I will research the applicable law, examine issues regarding probable cause, and discuss with you all possible defenses and strategies.

I, personally, will prepare and see your case through to its resolution and will attend all of your court dates and file any pleadings and/or motions which are appropriate.

Please remember - just because you are charged with an offense does not mean you are guilty.  Also, please consider how this case may affect you in the future - especially regarding employment.  I have a long, strong record of favorable resolutions. Over twenty  years of experience in handling criminal and traffic cases and navigating the court system have made this possible.  As your lawyer, it will be my job to ensure the very best possible result for you.

Please contact me today to discuss the particulars of your situation.  Your initial consultation is FREE.  I look forward to talking with you.